在台灣ip更改技術VPN 以 Tunneling 的技術,加上特殊的安全、傳輸等附加的功能後,可以破除地理限制,讓Extranet、Internet 都可以用類似區域網的方式進行連線。

VPN 的運作原理即稱為 Tunneling。Tunneling是一種用在通訊協定間傳遞資料的方式,Tunneling運作的在於將資料封包視為另外一個封包中的 Data,並加上不同協定的訊息後,轉變為適用於另一種通訊協定的資料封包,進而達到讓資料封包在不同通訊協定間傳遞的目的。關於台灣VPN2017推薦請按此。

電腦ip使用VPN 是利用 Internet IP 的技術,建立連線上的加密通道,來建構網際網路上的VPN,IP網路的擴充性良好,所使用的加密技術是標準的IPSEC(IP Security)方式,且針對不同的用戶要求,VPN有三種解決方案:遠程訪問虛擬網、企業內部虛擬網和企業擴展虛擬網,這三種類型的VPN分別與傳統的遠程訪問網路、企業內部的連線以及企業網和相關合作伙伴的企業網所構成的外部擴展相對應。回到首頁


Easy Steps in Installing Your Theater System At Home

steps in installing home theater

Many of us, especially those who are crazy about technology, love the idea of having their very own home theater system. Not only does the idea of an awesome sound system or best-quality movie screens excite them, the fact that you can freely watch movies or shows day and night with your friends or family without anything stopping you is also a temptation.

But before being able to resurrect your own theater, you must first take note and follow these steps as these will ensure you a great experience.

Steps to Follow

  • Choose the right space.

First and foremost, you must choose the area that will suit your home theater system. There are many choices; you can use a spare room or for other more adventurous cases, they install their theater outdoor (usually in the backyard). One major consideration should be the light sources of that area; for a space to be a movie theater, it must be dim but not too dark as well.

  • Choose your desired screen.

Some may opt to go for a large screen television set; however, to maximize the theater experience and for it to mimic a real cinema house, movie screens that are inflatable or portable are a great choice. For portable ones, you can also easily move and transport it anywhere you’d like.

outdoor home theater

  • Prepare your movie player.

Of course, how can your desired movies be viewed if there is no movie player at all. Today, laptops have their own disc players; hence, laptops also serve as movie players. But blu-ray dvd players are also on the list.

  • Get a projector.

Only for those whose screens are actual or improvised movie screens and not television screens, a projector is essential. You may check out reviews for Optoma’s new 4k projector in order to get an idea of what projector you should be looking for.

  • Up your sound system.

For home theater rooms, surround sound system would be perfect. However, for outdoor theaters or for those of us who are not so obsessed with having awesome sounds, normal speakers or two would do. You just have to make sure that you install your speakers in distances and positions that are strategic. So long as you are able to hear the movie clearly.

  • Install comfortable seats.

To complete your cinema, make sure your seats are comfortable. If you want to make use of a couch, go for it, or if you want bean bags or mattresses for your theater, why not?

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, how your own theater will look and how it will function will be according to your or your family’s preferences. If you want to set up some Christmas lights in your theater, no one’s stopping you. What are mentioned above just serves as a guide for the things necessary for your dream theater at home to become real. Simply put, these are things you cannot really skip on installing because they are essentials.

Reasons Why You Should Use Laser Christmas Lighting

Christmas laser lights for holidays

During the Christmas Eve or any other festive season, lighting is an important aspect. For this reason, you need a light project to decorate your indoor or outdoor area. Well, there are so many lighting materials out there, but which one should you go for? Definitely it will be the laser lights. They are impressive, efficient, and safe. They also come in different colors; there are white laser lights, blue laser lights, etc. You don’t have to worry about kids touching the lights anymore. In this article, I am set to explain how laser based Christmas lighting is better and safer than the regular Christmas lights. 

The following are the reasons why laser lights at Christmas are better and safer than the ordinary Christmas lights. 

1. Easy to use 

Laser lights are incredibly easy to use, in fact, you don’t have to understand the technology behind the lighting to enjoy its benefits. Trust me; you can fix the light without a manual even if you had not done it before.

Christmas decors

2. Flexibility 

Laser Lights at Christmas now steals the show. Its flexibility is something important when it comes to positioning. Laser lights can project its decorations at a variety of angles without sacrificing range of view. This saves you from getting a high chair or ladder and string up the lights. 

3. Very few cables

You will find that regular Christmas lights use wires to connect the individual bulbs together. These long cables tangle easily, and nobody wants to waste time untangling them. Another frustrating fact about these cables is that the distance between the bulbs and the adapter is usually less than a foot. This means you need more extension sockets!

4. Safety 

Okay, during the Christmas Eve, safety is something we cannot forget to address especially for the little ones. The lighting projects that we establish can bring health hazards like electrocution during installation. For this reason, we need a lighting project that is safer. The above three reasons we have discussed are assuring us that laser lights at Christmas are safer than the regular Christmas lights. 

5. Budget friendly 

With the laser lights, you need just one laser to decorate the entire yard, tree or room while you need to network a couple of ordinary Christmas lights to fill the whole tree or room. Also, the laser light will only use a fraction of the power consumed by the regular Christmas lights.

6. Time factor 

Well, every single minute in a celebration is precious. So, laser lights save much time fixing the decorations. With laser lights, all you need is locate the best position to project your lasers, but with the ordinary lights, you have to climb and string the lights from one corner to the other. Don’t forget that fixing the regular Christmas lights requires you to find and improvise adhesive places to fix or hang the lights. 

Final verdict 

We have discussed laser lights at Christmas and gave the reasons why laser-based Christmas lighting is better and safer than the regular Christmas lights. If you are in need of a safer and efficient lighting project, you now know where to start. With all that said, I believe you will have no problem lighting your home during Christmas or any other celebration. 

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